Journey to be a Writer #8

A writer is my journey. This is 8th week. For this week, I felt really exhausted. I had many activities that force me to not have enough rest. I feel up and down. Overwhelmed.

I felt grateful that I had many drafts so I can keep post something even though I was busy. For this temporary time, I am a Olympiads committee. I really had a bad day on Wednesday and Thursday. You know why? There are MANY things that made all the committee include me had misunderstanding and miscommunication. For example on Thursday, I was a VG committee. When I was watching the competition, some lecturers came to me and asked me to ask the full name of the judges. I answered the lecturers that I will ask them later when we had break time because the competition was running. Not so long, the lecturers came again and asked me to do that at that time. I just “what the… okay I go now with my friend”. And then I went to the judges’ table and ask them politely to write down their full name on a paper because the lecturers needed it. After that, I went to the committees and the lecturers still wait me there. I told them that the judges still wrote down their name. After I told them, they just go, I don’t know where did they go. Not so long, the head of VG came to me and angry to me and simultaneously, one of the committee came to me and gave the paper. The head of VG (she) angry to me because I asked the judges to write their name by themselves, and in other case, I just did what the lecturers wanted and to write down by themselves was the best idea in that time when the participants was on the stage. You see, who’s wrong? She didn’t want to heard my explanation and just blame me that this is all my fault. How can be that it was all my fault. In that day I just really not in the good mood and after I got home, I just want to slamming all things in my hands!

You know, to be a writer is not that easy. It depend on my mood. When my mood is good, I can write, but when my mood is not good, hmm, you know what I mean right?! Fortunately, on that day, I posted my blog in the morning, before that incident happened. Thank God.


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