Journey to be a Writer #7

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, March 24, 2017

Journey to be a writer 7th entry. It’s been a long journey after I get here. There are many things I’ve posted in here. After a week I didn’t write anything and didn’t read any of hot news because I had Mid Term Tests. After last MTT on Monday, I want to make myself comfortable and have time with my family, so I shut down my smartphone for 2 days. Two days without phone, no electronic things.

It is very refreshing moment after I finished all of my Mid Term Tests. I really hope that I can get high score perhaps. I really thank to my writing lecturer because before Mid Term Test, he told us to finished the entries until 35 entries. During MTT, I didn’t have to write anything. I just started to write around last Monday. In the beginning, I wanted to shut down my phone for 1 week because I want to have my time only for my family. But you know, nowadays, people always have “important chats”,so I only have 2 days, Tuesday and Wednesday. I want to continue the “no phone days” today, but my “Vocal Group Olympiads” doesn’t allowed my to off because I must get the information for the Olympiad. To be honest, I really angry because nobody wants to understand this. I don’t want to use phone for 1 week because I don’t want to dependent on phone. It’s not good if somebody have dependency on that “smart thing”.

Back to the theme, writing everyday. Read is always important. Write is also important because it make us remind what have you read before. I really looking forward for my potential in writing. Please be nice *say to myself*. Actually, I’m really enjoy my “no phone days” because I didn’t have to get stressed for the news and the unimportant chats. I can write this blog because of that “2 days”. I’m looking forward for my next holiday with “no phone days” and blogging everyday.

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