The 21-year-old Syrian Who Risked His Life For Oscar-Nominated Documentary

Khaled Khatib is a cinematographer and press office for the Syrian White Helmets. In 2015, he met British director Orlando von Einsiedel and was recruited to document the group’s rescue mission for the upcoming film “The White Helmets”. This documentary, which has been nominated for an Oscar in the best documentary short subject category, follows three rescue workers form their training in Turkey  when pit their lives on the line to save civilians. He said that this film allowed people to know what happen in Syrian, and the Syria Civil Defense was working for peace. They only save lives.

A day before Oscar, he announced on Twitter that he would not be attending it. He said that his priority was helping his people. He also said that if he won that award, it would show people across Syria that people around the world support them, it would give courage to every volunteer who woke up every morning to run towards bombs.

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