Journey To Be a Writer #5

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, March 03, 2017

It’s been a long journey I guess. It is week 5 and I can’t imagine how many entries that I made. I couldn’t believe it. I’m very excited for this. Sometimes, I still feel depressed with this task, but I also happy because it force me to read and. Honestly, I don’t like read news or books that contain thing that I don’t like. I just read things that I like.And I like to listen something because I think that I’m an auditory person.

Today, I learnt about revising text and descibing a place. It is very hard because usually I describe something with talking, not writing. How about revising? I’m still learning, so I’m not good at revising text. I know later on I will be a teacher, I will revise my student’s task. So I learn how to revise something.

Reading is an important thing so we know what happen around us. Maybe I must force myself to be more “diligent” in reading. I need to learn more about how to be a good writer and also a good reviser. New thing is awesome!

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