Luxury Presents For The Nominees of Oscar 2017

For 15 years, Distinctive Assets always prepare a Gift Bag for the actors, actrees and the directors who be the nominees of Oscar around 3 billion rupiah. Not only that. Do you want to know what presents is that? Holidays for 6 days in Koloa Landing Resort which cost 17 million rupiah in one night. Stay around 3 days in Grand Hotel Excelsior Italia which cost 65 million rupiah. Brooch which cost over 13 million rupiah. Skin care for a week in Golden Door Spa which is cost 100 million rupiah. Electronic cigararette which is cost 4 million rupiah. It is very fantastic, isn’t it? This year OScar will be held in Dolby Theater, California, on Sunday, February 26th, 2017. In this year, the host is Jimmy Kimmel.


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