Journey To Be a Writer #4

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, February 24th, 2017

This 4th week that I be an autodidac writer. In my opinion, my writing is more improve than before. Why I can tell this? Because I feel automatically what to write and how to make a good order of writing.

Today, my lecturer taught me about how to make an outline. It is very impressive because it is a new thing for me. After making an outline, I made paragraphs that have a theme. The theme is “The “Weaker” Sex”. It is very interesting because so many people talking about who is the stronger, “men or women?”

So from that case, I can learn more about how to be a good writer. Sometimes, I feel depressed about this task. Why? Because I have no idea and I feel like I was run out of news. But I have a valueable lesson – always read what’s happening with our world, the issues, the celebrities, the discoveries, etc.


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