Journey To Be A Writer #3

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Journey to be a writer. That is the theme. Until now, to be a writer is still the hardest thing for me.This is the 3rd week that I’m being a writer. Actually it is because my Lecturer force me to write something in this blog. So far, I have no serious problem. But in this case, I still confuse what should I write. Do I must write about politics? No, I dont know much about politics. Should I write about lifestyles? No, people have their own style. I have no idea.

This morning, my lecturer told me about “topic” and the “controlling ideas”. I like the way he explained about it, because he didn’t make me sleepy when he explained something. And today he told us to read paragraphs and then make it into a mind map. I do like mind map. Mind map make me understand the whole paragraphs and the other way, it is easier to make it into a paragraphs. But the problem is should I make a mind map before write something? Maybe yes maybe no. Why? In this case, if we have much time, maybe it is very useful and helpful. But when we are run out of time, maybe we cant make it.

So today, I learned about “topic” and controlling ideas”, how to applied from mind map to paragraphs and vice versa. I think my writing is better than the 1st one. I hope later on, my “writing” can be more improve and evolve. As long as I try, I believe I can do it no matter what. I hope it can be a lesson.

Good night and enjoy your weekend ❤

God bless you.

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