Is BAFTA Only For British?

Maybe some of you have the same question about BAFTA. BAFTA is British’s awards. Is BAFTA only for British? Maybe it is not. Actually BAFTA have some subdivisions. There are BAFTA Los Angeles, BAFTA Scotland, BAFTA Wales and BAFTA New York. This year, BAFTA held “The EE British Academy Films Awards” at Royal Albert Hall. And surprisingly, The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Kate Middleton , attended this awards. I don’t know whats the difference between “The EE BAFTA” and original BAFTA. But it doesn’t matter because The British or The American who won this awards is deserve to recieve it. It is because of their potential. From what I know is The EE British Academy Films Awards is for British and American.  So congratulations for those who won BAFTA!

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