Adele Break Her Grammy

Grammy 2017 was held on 12 February 2017 in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. There is an interesting moment. What is that? On Grammy Award, when Adele achieved Grammy for Album of the Year for 25, she said that she can’t possibly accept that award., and she very humbled, and she was very grateful and gracious, but the artist of her life was Beyonce. So would Adele give the golden gramophone over to Beyonce? Adele break her golden gramophone – on the stage – to Beyonce. Did Adele luterally share her Grammy with Beyonce?? Actually not. In the backstage, Adele return her broken statue to get a fresh one. It was possible that Adele may have jokingly proffered one half to Beyonce.

But at the end of the night, both Adele and Beyonce posed with their statues. Adele had  five statue, and Beyonce had two. Congratulations for you both!


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