Journey To Be a Writer #2

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, February 1oth, 2017

A writer. That is a hard job. It is a hard work. People who has this job is brilliant person. This is 2nd week that I make a “Journey to be a Writer”. There is nothing special with this.

I still learning how to be a good writer. it is not an easy job. for these day, I have a problem to do this task. What is that? I confused what to write! Really? Why? Because I dont know what to write and there is no hot news. Everyday I have brainstorming. And you will know that it make me tired, and I have many things to do besides be a students and a private teacher. This morning I have prewriting (again?). The theme is about teacher. First, I must made a mind map, and then made a draft, revised it, edited it, and submited it.

In this case, I learned about writing process. It is not that simple. It has a long process to do before you publish or submit it. I hope I can improve my writing skill. I’m sorry if I have some mistakes because I’m really exhausted now. God bless us and have a happy weekend!

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