Meet Ansolo

For you who don’t know Ansolo, let me introduce about him.

Ansolo a.k.a Ansel Elgort is an actor who played in The Fault in Our Stars. But today, I’m not talking about his film, I’m talking his music career. Just like I told you before, he just upload his new song. Not all people know that he can play music, especially producing music. After a year of gaining exposure as a DJ — playing festivals, headlining Pacha, establishing a SoundCloud — Ansolo is ready to take his music career to the level of his acting. He’s off to a good start after inking a deal with Island Records.When did he start to be a musician? Actually he can play music since he was a kid. But he started with did musical theater a lot growing up, so he was singing and dancing and stuff. Then he started playing piano and writing songs. btw, he was really inspired by John Legend. He heard this remix of a John Legend song, because on iTunes sometimes the songs are packaged [with remixes]. That was the Laidback Luke version of “Heartbreaker”. He thought it was really cool! He begin to be a DJ. So that’s the begining of Ansel Elgort to develop into music career just like profesional DJ. Fighting Ansolo!!


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