Journey To Be a Writer #1

Pricillia Christianti

Writing A

Friday, February 3rd, 2107

Writer.This word mean people who write something. A writer must have a lot of idea so they know what they want to write. When they dont have any idea, they will leave it and do something to make them happy. Sometimes, when they do “something”, unfortunately they have an idea. they run to their laptop and write as many as they can before they forget the ideas.

Me, as a new writer, to be honest, its very hard for me because I prefer to express with act than writing. many people said that I’m an expresive person. I dont know why but thats me. But be writer is new thing and I’m still learning how to be a good writer.

In my class, I learn how to make a good paragraph, opening, closing, etc. Even though this is new thing for me, I will do my best to be a writer. I know it would be a difficult thing, but as long as you try, there is no mistaken, right?  Maybe I can improve it with my music skill later on. Hopefully I can pass this with no serious problem. Amen.


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